What can possibly be the social value of a car?


Well we all know that a car can have a social value, it can be the ‘living proof’ of our wellness, courage, reliability…And this is the reason why often electric vehicle do not have a great success. Green cars have been created from the beginning, and as the name suggests, to have a positive impact on the planet, or at least to avoid to worsen things. But looking back at the first generation of electric vehicles it’s not such a big surprise that weren’t so popular, at least for the ‘big public’: an anonymous and quite boring design with a pretty normal, if not under-standard, level of performances.

But time goes by, and year after year the concept of sustainability and the concerns related to it gained recognition and importance and not only inside the so-called green movements but also, and most importantly, at political and economic level. And here come the new wave of eco-friendly experts and designers bringing with them a new way of looking at sustainability: working together, exchanging knowledge and skills to create more and more efficient and well-designed products. They know that life is a dream, and they want to turn it into a reality also for the generation to come. What’s the difference from the past? Now they know how to do it. The dream is still the same but now they have the technology to conceive and create the perfect match between a beautiful, charming and pleasant outside with thrilling and high quality performances of brand new electric engines.

So, one attempt after another, green and sustainable vehicles are getting better and better becoming the carriers of another important social value: that of partnership. Yes because most of these projects, just like WEEVIL, are accomplished thanks to the cooperation of different companies that bring in their own expertise showing in practice how each one of us plays a key role in building a more sustainable society.