Since the day Neil Armstrong took his first little walk on the Moon, the 20th July 1969, we all keep on dreaming a life in the space. Aerospatiale programs all over the World keep on making big steps forward and after the Moon it’s now up to Mars and maybe Pluto, who knows. But, untill the day the first lunar mansion will finally open, we have to live with what we have. After billions years of exploitation of lands, waters and natural resources in the recent decades human kind finally realized that our Planet is not infinite that it also has, like we all do, a breaking point, a moment when enough becomes Enough. Therefore environment and all its related problems have started to scale on the political and economic global agenda and sadly managed to conquer the first place year after year.

Many different initiatives have been developed in recent years to increase awareness and consciousness raising in the global population so that every single person could be fully informed of the key role everyone plays in the preservation of Earth and not only for today but also, and more importantly, for the years to come and the future generations.

Going green, being sustainable is a call we often pretend not to hear and this is the reason why the European Union decided, together with the support of the Member States, to create pools of European experts to develop sustainable and innovative projects so that citizens can approach the environmental problems in a more personal and close way. Valiant and daring ideas, like WEEVIL, will go from paper to reality to satisfy the needs of customers worldwide exporting not only the best of European technicalities and design but turning into authentic manifestos ot sustainable commitment. Tangible examples of how engagement and determination can really change things around us.