Economic sustainability is that quite mysterious concept that is often used to identify that ensable of different strategies that makes it possible to use the available resources at their best with a very low impact on the planet and without having to completely give up the profit. The three main goals of a sustainable economy are promoting the use of those resources that are available in the environs, doing it in a way that is both responsible and efficient while producing, at the same time, long-term benefits.

Money makes the world go round… of cores, but making a profit is not the only path to follow, at least for sustainable companies. True sustainability encourages businesses in making a profit pursuing operations that won’t create environmental damages that could cause problems to the balance of the local ecology and of the Planet as a whole. By being mindful of the impact their operations have on their local communities, companies can select raw materials that are more environmentally friendly and design a waste disposal strategy that can reduce the amount of waste matter and/or reuse them to create something else. In the long run, attention to these types of details has the potential to increase the communities investments in the companies, improving their chances of remaining a viable operation centre for a longer period of time.

The ultimate goal of economic sustainability is to establish profitability over the long term: a blooming profitable business is much more likely to be a stable presence on the market and continue to operate year after year. From this perspective, this strategy can be seen as a tool to make sure that business does have a future and continues to contribute to the financial welfare of the owners, the employees, and to the community where it is located.

A business, like every other living organism, needs to start growing from strong near roots if it wants to grow bigger and stronger. This is exactly what economic sustainability does: teaching companies how important it is to invest in their strong community roots to develop a bright long-lasting business that will contribute not only to the wellness of its surroundings but also of the entire planet one small step at the time, community after community.