We all would like, once in a while, to live in one of those beautiful books where Once upon a time a beloved godmother with her magic wand can change things over night… But this is the real world and great transformations take time, hard work and commitment.

Designers and engineers know it very well: you have a problem and in a moment, a moment that can take days or even years, you come up with a brilliant idea to solve it.

From here the nightmare begins: sleepless night to find the way, to understand if that brilliant idea is actually feasible or if it will be nothing but a beautiful dream. And when the planning phase arrives, well like in any other big technological revolution in history planning is just the starting point and the WEEVIL Project makes no exception.

We knew it would have been a long and hard way to go, that ups and downs would have accompanied our path day and night; but when you have the chance to work with such an incredible parterre of professionals like the ones taking part into this project well the street seems less rough and you feel like nothing could go wrong. Of cores in a four years long journey the road cannot be always smooth and straight, but if it be so this wouldn’t be a challenge and all the fun would be gone.

The Project got off to a good start, wheels are rolling and will keep on moving bringing us every day closer to the finish line. After two brief team reunions held this summer ( the first in July and the second in mid-August) that helped us collecting the first results and to fine tune the following steps to make, the next unmissable appointment will be the 31st May 2019 when the WEEVIL pool will have to deliver the final results.

Maybe seeing a fleet of Weevils running across Europe will still take a bit of time…Four years may seem a never-ending lapse of time but after all even Rome wasn’t built in one day and yet it was definitely worth waiting.