WEEVIL is 100% European.

Nine incredibly innovative and bold European companies leaders in the manufacturing industry, and appointed by the European Union itself, gathered together to face the most important challenge of nowadays transport business: find a way to shake up the automobile engineering industry pushing the concept of electric vehicle to the full extent. From cutting-edge technological centres to design and educational experts, this multi-national team of farsighted professionals decided to bring their skills and knowledge together giving birth to a new futuristic and daring concept of sustainable car: a brand new sense, look and motor for the next generation of electric vehicles.

Italy. Poland. Spain. Turkey.


Being a perfect example of European cooperation, WEEVIL is the living proof that hard work and commitment not only pay back but can actually lead to a real great transformation into the way people look at green design and sustainable economy. Coming from Italy, Poland, Spain, and Turkey these brilliant and valiant companies combine their peculiar expertise and skills, developed within years of high quality planning and manufacturing projects in different sectors, to find an answer to a long-standing question: how can we create an electric car that is both a design and technological masterpiece? Something that, with a high level of performance and a low total cost, can attract drivers making them drool at the idea that they can help the planet in an elegant and comfortable way?

This incredible international amalgam headed by Fundación Tekniker – a highly technological centre based in Spain – counts on an amazing long-distance yet perfectly mixed and organized team made of great experts coming from different industries around Europe: Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design and Kaitek from Italy, Pimot from Poland, Comarth, Automon, Fagor Automation and Irurena from Spain and, last just in alphabetical order, Hexagon Studio from Turkey.

A pool of professionals that with ambition, courage and a bit of that calculated foolishness – typical of those visionary men and women who have the ability to anticipate times – decided to bet on themselves and their expertise to give the world one of the finest and most innovative product on the market that is roof to wheels made in Europe.

Irurena Group
Flash Battery