Air pollution, noise, traffic congestion and environmental protection are the main challenges of today and tomorrow as they were yesterday… Yes because since the invention of the wheel moving has been one of the greatest concern to human kind. Whether you are going to work in the morning or at the sea for a long week-end, whether you are alone or with you family and friends it doesn’t matter: sooner or later we all need to move, we all need to go somewhere.
It’s undeniable: road transport has always played – and will always play- a key role in our history; they change, develop and evolve together.

In modern societies, where time is money, moving fast and being the first seem to be the most important issues to face when it comes to cars. But money can’t solve everything and as cities get bigger, population increases and the number of cars in our streets multiply day after day another big problems arise: pollution and environment are now at the first places in the political and economic agenda. In this global race to a more sustainable and ecological way of moving, the car industry wants to play its role: researchers, engineers and designers work hand in hand to improve the efficacy of green vehicles, but this is not enough.

The progressive electrification of vehicles definitely helps the environment and the citizens health but what about space, what about the traffic congestion generated by thousands of drives in desperate search for a parking?

The WEEVIL project aims at addressing all these issues at the same time combining a highly technological and innovative magnet-free electric engine with a new, bold and smart design that helps improving not only the road transports but also, and above all, the quality of life and health of the global population of drivers and non. A project that wants to go beyond the limits of the current L-category vehicles developing a new 3-wheeler model that is safe, quiet, clean and with a great energy efficiency, as well as attractive to the public so that the barriers for adopting it are minimized.

With its brand new teardrop-like shape and an almost unbelievable self-adapting ability this tiny, lightweight but yet comfortable and fast electric vehicle is ready to meet the needs of the European streets.