What does sustainability mean?

It may seem a useless question, nowadays we all know the concept behind the term sustainable, or at least we think we do.

Yes because most of the times we stop at its eco-friendly features, we picture in our mind something maybe built with recycled materials, well designed but with low performances. And even though industries help clients in developing confidence in being sustainable, sometimes, suspicion is around the corner and it is something absolutely normal and justifiable.

Here’s why the European Union decided to ask several different companies to build a team that could finally find and develop a new way to move that was expressly conceived for the European citizens. This is how WEEVIL was born: a new way of looking at sustainable electric cars, a new urban concept. With its perfect matching of eco-sensitivity and urban car design this innovative electric vehicle of next generation puts people and their needs at the core of transportation.

A brilliant innovative design that combines beauty, safety and efficiency with a car-like driving experience: two people seats, no tilting nor balancing, but above all a new electric battery system that prevents its degradation and that can be comfortably recharged at home just like any other high-tech device.

And following the concept that technology was born to make our life easier why not adding an incredible self-adjusting mechanism that will make the parking related stress disappear. How many times did we struggle to find a parking, how many times we have to give up for a couple of centimetres missing… Memories, just bad memories: with one simple gesture WEEVIL can reduce its size and perfectly fit in any place maintaining its easy and smooth manoeuvring.

Being the perfect point of convergence between the agility of a scooter and the ease of a car, its brilliant 3 wheels conformation is perfect for those who are looking for a smooth and smart way to move around without having to give up to comfort and safety.

“Science fiction” one may say but the real credit goes to a Specific Energy Absortion (SEA) that is 3 times higher than the typical material parts used in the crash structures of automobiles. A brilliant mix of green technology and automotive design where a brand new safe compost-made structure allows this incredible vehicle to be not only self-adjustable but also incredibly safe. And, last but not least, thanks to its magnet free engine short-circuits and demagnetization are nothing but a distant, obsolete concept.

WEEVIL is indeed a real sustainable boost of confidence in design.