Magnet free engine

The motor is the heart of a vehicle, even of an electric one.

The innovation WEEVIL is bring to the automotive industry starts from its inside: a brand new cutting-edge magnet-free engine, a promising option for the new generation of electric motors. A constant power capability, high reliability and safety: these are only few of the incredible features of these technologically advanced engine.

First of all being magnet-free machine means that demagnetization is impossible, these electric vehicles have no-load induced voltage which can lead to high current in case of short-circuit: a perfect match that will increase performances and safety while decreasing the maintenance costs for the users. Something that is possible only by placing magnetic pole insertions in a non-magnetic disc, a new assembling technique that lets the C-cores electrically and magnetically isolated from each other so that they can be wound individually without complex winding equipment and trough automated process.

The second innovative element of this magnet-free engine is its design: a beautiful and harmonic geometrical simplicity that, once again, proves to be the winning choice allowing not only a better performance level but also, and maybe more importantly, a large scale cost effective production. With a maximized thermal dissipation and a faster and a more efficient heat transfer to the outer ambient the structure. Water cooling is not wanted for this project. Also, if we claim good thermal properties, water cooling shouldn’t be needed. Then I would say that no water cooling will be used, natural (non-forced) air cooling is enough.

Every single part of this innovative engine, just like WEEVIL itself, is conceived not only to have a low-cost producing process but to keep its economic advantages also when talking about maintenance and reparation. The great flexibility given by the new techniques and technologies employed allows drivers to replace just the damages parts in the easiest and fastest possible way.

All these parts follow their own score, like in a perfect orchestra every instrument works at its best, in perfect synchrony with the others, to contribute in reducing vibrations and noise giving birth to the most silent melody ever heard.One of the drawbacks of switched reluctance motor technology is higher ripple torque (which produces vibrations and noise) than other electric motor technologies. It is true that comparing to combustion engines, such ripple, vibrations and noise are said to be lower. Therefore, I don’t know how much correct is to claim vibrations and noise reduction.