Car like comfort

Even though WEEV is very small vehicle, thanks to the stability coming from PINCER adjustable tread system(No tilt), closed cockpit, and authentic climate control, its on board comfort is nothing less than current car. Same time, this weather proof ability ensure everyday comfort for rainy, windy, snowy, cold days.

Bike-like easy parking

On the other hand, its small foot print (when PINCER narrowed 1m= same as bike & scooter) and Joystick parking system, easiness of parking in congested city is same as bike. Since overall length is mere a 2.5mm, perpendicular parking is also regally possible. Moreover, this EV have free pass to go into many city’s zonal entering limitation.

Low running cost – Low CO2 emission

It is well known that comparing ICEV, EV’s energy cost is a lot lower like 1/2. Especially in the case of micro EV like WEEVIL or Renault TWIZY, advantage is more. For example, TWIZY(2012) has 6.1kwh battery and the actual range is 80Km. This means about 13km/Kwh. In case of Italy, 1Kwh(retail) cost about 0.24 euro. This means you only pay 0.24 euro to run 13km. With 1 euro, you can arrive about 54km far. If you are commuting 54 km daily, normal compact ICEV would cost around 6 euro(15km/L, 1Lgas=1.7 euro). So WEEV have 6 times more cost efficiency. If you commute 20 days a month, you will gain about 1200 euro in a year, comparing to current compact car. This incredible high efficiency is also directly effective to decrease CO2 emission.

Best fit to daily commuting -High adoptability to various infrastructural situations

Daily commuting is usually very stressful thing. But thanks to above 1 to 3 strength, the WEEV is best fit to daily commuting. Whatever the climate is, whatever the city is congested, your daily commuting will be free from stress. Furthermore, super low running cost of WEEV will be big present to the owner. If you are living in independent house at suburban area of the city, and you commute to the city daily (It shouldn’t be the rare case. We believe;) WEEV will provide you the best practice of daily commuting. Important point is if you can charge at home, these merit is not depend on charging infrastructure which vary from country to country. Benefit of EV will be enjoyed regardless of charging infrastructure. If we talk about geographical adoptability point of view, weather proof cabin allow WEEV to northern European countries where already EV diffusion is ongoing.
In addition, WEEV have lots of advance technology which enhance fundamental strength of EV such as mass-product-able Grass fibre light weight high safety chassis, Magnet free motor, User friendly inter-exchangable battery system.