Park adapt

Shakespeare once said that it is better three hours too soon that a minute too late… Sadly this sentence could perfectly sum up the daily routine of many drivers around the world. We all know the stress of waking up earlier that what we should hoping to catch that small time slot – when people leave for the office and our colleagues are still asleep – to be on time at work, or that annoying resignation we experience every time we realize we will drive in circle again and again in desperate need for a parking and finally go home.

Cities are getting bigger and bigger and the number of scooters, cars and bikes increases every day reducing the number of available parking in the streets. But what can we do? Yes because if it’s true that you cannot stop progress, and nobody would like to, you surely have to find a way to live with it… especially when it comes to space.

Diapositiva1Starting from the awareness that the width of a vehicle is fundamental to give it stability and a good manoeuvring at moderate and high speed, the European WEEVIL pool focuses all its knowledge and skills in finding a new and innovative solution to traffic congestion in cities with scarce parking space without renouncing to comfort and safety. To achieve this ambitious result a great help comes from PINCER (Parking Cross-distance Adapter ): a width adjustment mechanism that thanks to the “Y” shape, and the help of the lateral forces, will allow the vehicle to further reduce its size while transiting at low speed and parking. Engineers would say that the suspension geometry of the front axle is automatically closed by the lateral forces when the mechanism is activated…Big scientific words, because in this case it’s easier done than said. The single mechanism is indeed very simple and does not compromise the safety– no stiffness in frontal crashes – nor the comfort of the car – no vehicle tilting at high speed.

This new and bold innovative mechanism will definitely shake up the automotive industry and the cities’ parking system transforming the mobility solutions for urban areas in the next future.