design-sketch-interiorWhen talking about design sometimes we think about something very beautiful, maybe with a very unusual shape, but that has no utility at all… Or worst it is useful and pretty but at the same time expensive too. Well WEEVIL is here to downplay some of the most old, and yet sometimes still current, myths on design.

First of all this electric vehicle of new generation it’s not just a pretty face but it also has a brand new designed cutting-edge soul: one preconception is finally gone. Yes because its brilliant and innovative inside is not only composed by new incredibly bold technologies and advanced materials but also by a completely transformed battery pack. Where is the magic you’ll think. Open the engine and you will see it yourself: the conception and design of this batteries allow the users to drive a safe car with great performances. But the big news is that it has a portable size that turns your car into a normal electric device that can be comfortably recharged at home: a compact and manageable structure conceived so that customers can decide which kind of battery pack to use in harmony with their needs.

Second urban legend to vanish: the WEEVIL teardrop-like shape is not conceived to please the eye, or at least not merely for that. Sitting in this two seats vehicle one may feel like in a fighter but without any sound or vibration: the air flows smoothly around the vehicle giving the driver the feeling of silently floating on the streets And all this simply because its brand new design, also thanks to the premium quality materials used to build it, has an aerodynamic level no one has ever seen before, at least in an electric car..

design-sketch-wheelEvery single element, even the 3wheels structure, has been studied in details to minimize noise and vibrations in order, not only to reduce the impact on the environment but also to give a unique and relaxing driving-like experience.

In the end a beautiful vehicle with and electric smart soul ad a green attitude. The impact on your funds? Minimum like the one on our planet.