Battery pack

battery-pack-structure3As for any other electric vehicle, battery is a fundamental element in the WEEVIL Project.

When we had to decide which kind of battery was the most suitable for this innovative idea we had no doubts: lithium ones are the best in terms of performance, cost, and lifespan.
But while analysing all the available options on the market we realized that, for one reason or another, none of the existing products was really matching our needs. The battery pack, especially in small vehicles like this one, has a strong impact on the total cost and on the performance of the vehicle itself: no matter how hard we tried, there was no way to maintain a reasonable cost without decreasing the engine performance and vice versa. In the end we had no chance but to think of something else, to conceive and produce our own new battery pack.

battery-pack-structure1The first step was to start looking at electric vehicles under a new light and finally put people at the core: many different drivers mean many different needs and preferences. So why not giving directly to the user the chance to choose the battery type and size that better suits to his daily routine?
The answer comes from a newly developed hardware and software platform that will allow to equip the vehicle with energy packs that have different characteristics, that are compatible and easily interchangeable according to the desired features and performance. Impossible? Not if you create, has we did, an open-protocol to which any vendor and company can adhere having the opportunity to create different types of batteries that can fit in this revolutionary idea. The idea is that of an innovative battery system that is developed on a standard interface between the energy pack itself and the main electronic control units of the vehicle: instead of building WEEVIL around its battery pack we decided to create different battery packs that can match with this new vehicle.

battery-pack-structure2A user-friendly revolution to go since, thanks to a standard plug, drivers can easily recharge their battery at home. A moderate standardisation, a small compromise, that transforms this vehicle into a normal, personal electric device