3 wheels configuration

Third wheel’s the charm

On one hand the balance and the coordination required to drive a scooter, or any other 2 wheeled vehicle, on the other the more comfortable and safe 4-wheeled car: choosing is never easy, you always feel like you’re giving up on something: comfort vs agility, space vs easy-parking… But what if choosing wasn’t necessary? What if the virtue was truly lying in the middle?

3 wheels configuration

With this little help coming from the great Latin tradition designers and engineers of the WEEVIL Project developed a new innovative 3 wheels structure that will leave everybody breathless. Some may argue that a 3wheeled vehicle is more a compromise than an innovative solution.

What’s wrong with compromises ? Who said that compromise and innovation cannot combine and develop hand in hand? We studied thousands of different possible solutions but, in the end, the answer was always the same: a two person tandem in a tadpole configuration, two wheels in the front and one in the back.

The reason of this choice lies in the simple and incontrovertible fact that the new structure of this 3-wheelers vehicle is inherently lighter and less costly to manufacture than 4-wheeled vehicles, and this simplicity naturally results in a lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicle. This new concept design provides the driver with an incredibly agile vehicle able to transit in tight roads, to twist and turn in the congested rush hour traffic and to reduce the parking space required. With a comfortable seating space, as well as protected and safe when the encapsulation is on, this smart and innovative teardrop-like structure allows the air flowing over the vehicle’s body with great ease achieving not only more stability and aerodynamic benefits but also a greater fuel economy. A cost-effective choice that is fundamental to carry out the simple but incredibly effective PINCER manoeuvre: a small gesture that has huge impressive stress relief effect on our daily lives.

A small but powerful electric vehicle of new generation that follows a low-cost approach to market a wide adoption car instead that an expensive niche product so that anybody can enjoy the benefits of driving an eco-friendly vehicle that despite its small dimensions can be extremely comfortable and yet stable and agile at higher speed.