From right side: Karol Zielonka – Project manager, director in PIMOT Jacek Biłobran – Test engineer Tomasz Krawczyk – Project engineer Paweł Posuniak – Manager of Vehicle Safety Laboratory Tomasz Sobolewski – Test engineer

PIMOT is a first category research Institute that works mainly in the field of automotive engineering, vehicle development, road safety improvement, alternative vehicle powering methods, as well as fuels, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. Its main mission is to provide Pole entrepreneurs with strong scientific and research support in the process of product development and introduction of the products into the global market.

Combing highly innovative techniques with a great long tradition – dated back to the period between the two World Wars – PIMOT ( Automotive Industry Institute) is a professional, reliable, and economically efficient research and development unit that has an active and important role in the Polish economic transformation. Directly subordinated to the Ministry of Economy this brilliant company managed to achieve its fully scientific and research potential thanks to a highly specialized team of scientific, engineering, and a great technical staff.

PIMOT_headquarterHere scientific research and development are carried out at an incredibly high level but the values at the heart of this firm are not ‘simply’ technology and future: PIMOT is deeply rooted in the economic realities of Poland. Always searching for those solutions that betters suit the needs of its customers in both an efficient and sustainable way. The objective and priorities of EU Strategy 2020 are visible in every single project they conceive. Planet and environment are such important issues at PIMOT that this green company Institute decided to offer its substantial technical support to the State administration bodies in order to enable them to pursue strategic objectives related to transport safety, environmental protection, and energy security of the country.

With a list of clients that goes from enterprises to manufacturers and importers of vehicles, from State administration units to NGOs this well-known European company is also willing to share its knowledge through scientific conferences, seminars and educational and supplementary training activities.

PIMOT innate dichotomy, its ability in being a bold and resourceful business hub and at the same time a channel to spread the green and sustainable values, it’s one of the reasons why its participation to the WEEVIL Project is so meaningful and important.