The world never stops turning and the current scenario seems to be bound and determined only by globalisation and increasingly deeper and quicker changes. In this situation of unstoppable and continuous transformations ever seen before in history companies have to readjust and adapt trying to get always the best out of every opportunity.

A philosophy that MONDRAGON Automocion follows from the very first days of its foundation. Belonging to the MONDRAGON Corporation the company has a great tradition and experience in two main sectors: Modules and Components on one side, Machinery and Tools on the other, from the developing of products ranging from components to automotive modules up to design, production and start-up of automation solutions.

ZEUS-sitoThis innovative Spanish firm takes on the biggest challenge of the last decades and focuses in developing every time the best sustainable solution for our environment. A business model based on inter-company cooperation where everybody plays a fundamental and equitable part and where people and humanity are always considered not only as valuable resources but mainly, and above all, as fundamental priorities.

To be able to achieve these incredible objectives it was clear, from the very beginning, that innovation would have been a precious and unique allied. Over time It became something they couldn’t live without, the lifeblood that runs into their corporate, the pillar not only of their strategies but of their entire philosophy, a value and vision for the future.

Innovation is by definition changing, and changing is nothing without movement. Whether you move a person or simply and idea: if you want to create a change you can’t sit and just wait, you can’t withdraw yourself from others, it’s impossible. And this is the reason why the other great feature of MONDRAGON Automocion is, without any doubts, its ability to move, to create, develop and maintain interrelationships based in cooperation and knowledge sharing between professionals with different profiles.

Deeply attached to the its cultural roots, brilliantly able in managing partnerships worldwide always with an attentive eye on environment and sustainability and an eternal innovative soul: it’s really easy to see and understand why MONDRAGON Automocion is such an important driving force for the WEEVIL project.



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