IRURENA Group is a company born in Spain in 1969 with a long and antique tradition and an innovative cutting-edge soul that, year after year, made of it a brilliant firm specialized in design, consultancy and manufacturing of organic coatings and products for the treatment of several materials like wood, metal, plastic and many others. But one of its greatest assets is actually the incredible ability of combining advanced technologies and innovation applying them to the present high quality products for Wood, Industry, Decorative, Parquet and DIY market.

The objective of this innovative Group is to be recognized at global level as a company capable of offering differentiated solutions in aesthetic, durability, safety, efficiency and sustainability in order to meet the needs of every customer. A wish that became true thanks to its innate and unstoppable commitment to Innovation and Diversification: two concepts that are at the heart of IRURENA’s strategy an philosophy. A continuous engagement and desire to improve and evolve that shines through the fruitful collaboration with Mondragon Unibertsitatea (MU): the MU’s knowledge in Materials and Processes finally meets the expertise in UV curing systems giving birth to a unique and fortunate partnership.




An endless commitment to sustainability – in all the financial, environmental and social processes – integrated with a constant search for innovation: those are the central ideas that strengthen this incredibly innovative company and that are the main responsible for its great results. IRURENA’s philosophy is so unique and charming that it was almost impossible for the WEEVIL Project not to be attracted by it.

With so many points in common, like the quest for change and an healthy obsession with putting people at the core of our commitment providing them always with the best solutions no matter if they need to be specifically invented, the participation of IRURENA in this European project seems the most natural thing in the world.


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