Capacity, capability and connection are the keywords at HEXAGON STUDIO.

Founded in 2006 in Turkey this innovative company provides design and engineering services to the OEM’s and suppliers in automotive and marine industry. Every time they approach a new challenge the spirit is always the same: providing their clients with services and products that are sustainable yet reproducible, a systematic and unstoppable work to meet their customers’ needs. Not ‘simply’ establishing and implementing a quality management system that matches with the quality standard requirements, but also a deep research and analysis to constantly improve efficiency and performances.

Hexagon Studio Facility

Companies often tend to keep expertise on key areas for them and to outsource considerably less frequent required activities, but not at HEXAGON STUDIO. Here the final objective is, in fact, to become a precious capability provider for those who lack expertise in their development teams: an expansion tank for customers’ organizations. HEXAGON STUDIO is a bridge between the many resources that Turkey has to offer and the International Platform, connecting local and international demand and supply in the automotive engineering sector and at the same time adding that dash of Turkish ability in design, engineering, prototyping and testing facilities and resources that won’t definitely hurt.
Innovation, emphasis on knowledge, sustainability, team spirit and efficacy are not only the key values that guide them in all their activities and decisions, but are also the elements that make them an irreplaceable partner for this innovative and bold project. And since time is a key factor in WEEVIL’s development we needed someone that knew the value of time, present and future, and that wanted to engage its professionals in a courageous mission. Here comes HEXAGON that with its incredible vehicle system simulations; the development of a dynamic vehicle model for engineering studies; the packing of components, vehicle layout and integration; dynamics, safety and durability simulations and analysis will turn this innovative dream into a real tangible object ready to make transportation more sustainable at large scale.

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