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FARGOR Automation is a globally well-known company with offices in more than 50 countries around the world that deals with an incredible diversity of projects: from automotive to information technology, energy and transport up to aerospace. Historically focused on the machine-tool sector with a great experience in the development and manufacturing of products for machine automation and control, this Spanish based company has two main strong points: teams made of great professionals and an unbelievable international network.

With an attentive eye that looks always at customer satisfaction and needs, this innovative company puts people at the core of every single project, but their far-slightness ensure that they won’t think only to us, to the present generation, but also and above all to the generation to come. This is what push them in creating more and more sustainable electric components, in focusing on emerging services and in turning quality into the pivotal element of the entire production chain. If to all this you add that they are innovation driven, well it’s not hard to understand the reason that brought them close to the WEEVIL Project for the first time: here their incessant quest for flexible, creative and innovative solutions found a breeding ground. A field, that of electric vehicles, that proved to be a great testing workbench for their bold and futuristic Cnc systems and control solutions.

Being leader in the digital sector with a highly technological experience FARGOR Automation increases the products already great performances especially when weather and roads are not at their best: a better isolation and a notable reduction of vibrations bringing a notable improvement into the stability, safety and comfort of the vehicle.

FARGOR Automation, like all the other members of this innovative pool, is fully committed in bringing a change well-aware that the biggest struggle is to win the bet remaining completive and that maintaining high standards of quality and safety is the only possible path to the future.