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For over thirty years CECOMP has been giving shape to ideas developed by designers, style centers and research and development institutes for vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Today, CECOMP is involved in all stages of the vehicle life cycle: style development, building prototypes, pre-industrialization and industrialization, as well as the supply of parts, systems and complete vehicles (small series).

Cecomp started out as a coachbuilder, with the special significance given to this industry in Turin at that time, to create styling models and to manufacture the corresponding bodies by hand, gradually increasing its range of activities over the years: in the 80’s/90’s  with the construction of prototype tools for small series, and then specializing in the field of high-end racing, expanding into the sheet-metal forming sector in 2000, and finally in 2010  providing turnkey projects, from the development to the production of complete vehicles in small series.