Social impacts

Every action we make has an impact on the world… we all know it by now.

We are all aware of how important it is to preserve our Planet and how car emissions can damage the atmosphere causing air and noise pollutions. But what about here and now? What about the daily quality of our life?

Ford of Europe’s Andreas Ostendorf, VP Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering said that “sometimes people may feel like they have done a fool day even before they have even set foot in the office”. Recent studies and statistics are more and more confirming this hypothesis emphasizing and measuring the invisible and little-spoken dark side of commute: a world dominated by stress, unhappiness, frustration and anxiety with related high social costs.

This is why WEEVIL decided to take care not only of the bigger picture but of the smaller too developing its double social impact. On one hand it helps the drivers communities in reducing the parking and traffic related stress improving the quality of life of an entire city one driver at the time. Say goodbye to the immense frustration of fighting for a parking: WEEVIL self-adapting mechanism will not only make our life easier but will also reduce the traffic congestion problems making the streets smoother and more quiet and peaceful than ever before. Moreover its minimum impact on the environment, its incredible ability of reducing CO2 emissions has a direct impact on the citizens health and of the healthcare system.

On the other hand its green approach to automotive design has a remarkable impact on the environment, or better has almost no impact on it. In fact WEEVIL is conceived to be a zero emissions car reducing air pollution – being an futuristic electric vehicle with a magnet-free heart – and decreasing the noise related damages – since its engine and design are conceived to reduce sounds and vibrations. Through a new composite structure WEEVIL radically increases the safety of light compact vehicles reducing the serious risk of life threatening injuries. An incredible feature that not only improves the citizens life quality but that has an huge impact also on the environment since this safety gain will broaden the acceptance of compact mobility solutions in cities.

This next generation of low cost green vehicle is, therefore, the perfect example of how, sometimes, less is better: less traffic, less stress, less pollution, less injuries and many more… less. All aiming at creating better living conditions both for the world citizens and the Earth.