Smart transparency

We always hear people talking about the chance of developing a ‘smart city’; but cities aren’t the only smart thing the future has to offer. Smart transportation is, nowadays, gaining importance as a way to reduce green gas emissions and improve the quality of our Planet and our lives at same time. But what do we mean by Intelligent Transports?

ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) are advanced applications which, without embodying intelligence as such, aim to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable various users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks.


Basically we are talking about ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) applied to the field of road transport, including infrastructures, vehicles and users, and in traffic management and mobility management, as well as for interfaces with other modes of transport. And this is exactly what WEEVIL does: mixing the best of European technologies and design so that every part of the vehicle can easily communicate with the others improving performances and reducing environmental impact. A next generation of electric vehicle conceived and realized to intelligently adapt to the needs of the drivers and to the road conditions.

At first glance one may think that this is just another city car with a sort of scooter-like design but once you enter in the vehicle and you turn the engine on a new universe appears: a small, comfortable space that holds in itself the most efficient cutting-edge technologies. GPS and air-conditioning are just the beginning and, nowadays they are pretty common, but under the new compost-made structure you will find a brand new magnet-free battery pack that can be charged at home. And if you are still wondering what makes WEEVIL smarter than any other vehicle well…Wait till you have to park and you will be amazed by the self-adaptability of its design…