Safety is one of key factors at the heart of the WEEVIL Project.

safety-protect2The innovative structure of the vehicle is one of the main responsible for its weight and safe characteristics. Obviously the use of lightweight materials has been explored and tested before in the automotive industry because of the direct impact they have on the vehicle weight, on driving dynamics, agility and fuel consumption. But for the first time a low-cost fibre-reinforced composite-made structure will be developed in WEEVIL. Big engineers words that can sound a bit scaring, every time that we hear someone talking about ‘ultra-light materials’ ‘innovative structure’ we can’t help feeling a bit sceptic and, above all, in ‘danger’. How can I possibly be safe in a tiny little car made of a brand new, never tested before innovative structure? If it is so easy to make, low cost and safety why does nobody has used it before?

Starting by saying that questioning oneself is more than right than the only thing to do is leaving the floor to the Progress. Things that just a few years ago seemed absolutely unconceivable today is daily routine: online banking, smartphones, tablets and even electric cars once where considered like devil’s tools and yet now they are taken for granted. The same will be for WEEVIL.

We could fill pages and pages saying that its glass fibre based composite material has a Specific Energy Absortion (SEA) is 3 times higher than the typical metal parts usually used in cars… But the only thing that probably will make you feel safe is to admit that this kind of materials are not really new. In fact the most famous and well-known carmakers around the world are already using them for their expensive premium models. What is actually incredibly innovative is that, thanks to this European partnership, we got to realize a never seen before productivity pultrusion technique that is able to produce straight composite parts at a higher speed allowing their cost-effective use for medium or even low-end vehicles.

What can be better than an electric city car that gives you extremely high performance levels, a beautiful design but above all the thrill to drive a safe car made with the same materials of some of the best vehicles of the world?