EU industry trust

heart-greenThe main and most common definition of trust is the belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective and so on… And when we talk about industry trust the story its more or less the same but the morale is definitely more globally edifying. In a time where competitiveness and business seem to rule the roost it’s almost unbelievable that so many industries decide to open up to the world giving up part of their ‘business sovereignty’ to create something bigger and better.

Whether we talk about similar companies that decide to join the efforts and face the market as one unite bigger corporation, or about different firms with different knowledge and expertise that took the decision to work together side by side to take on the new challenges of the future: industry trust is, without any doubts, the right path to follow when you deal with sustainability.

Moreover ecology is such a wide ground that orienting ourselves in it without having a proper guide leading us it almost impossible, and at the same time to many voices mean to many directions to follow, which basically is lake having none. In the end it is all about balance: exactly what the European Union Industry Trust is trying to promote through the great spirit of collaboration and cooperation that is at the heart of the entire WEEVIL Project

Balance between profit and being sustainable, between mass production and the respect for our natural resources but also balance and respect between the partner companies and the people working in it. The need to speak with one voice doesn’t mean to shout and let someone out of the discussion process, on the contrary bringing different professionals and skills together means to allow a dialogue that till a few decades ago was almost unconceivable. A dialogue that brings to the exchange of ideas, tools, projects, skills. A trust based partnership where every company plays its role and where being different is an incredible asset and a fundamental value to shape a more sustainable future together.