Eco friendly

One planet, one experiment. – Edward O. Wilson


In recent years terms like eco-friendly, ecological, environmentally friendly and going green have become popular thanks to politicians, TV shows, industries and marketing gurus. Labels given to many different products and practices, that sometimes are used in the wrong way with the mere intent of increasing sales. As it often happens their sense and signification is dangerously loosing meaning and importance day after day, customers are confused, skeptical and overflowing with suspicion and prejudices…

But the change is around the corner, WEEVIL has taken the challenge set by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 strategy and – focusing on at least 3 of its main points – wants to restore trust and confidence making a bit of order in this ‘sustainable chaos’.

First of all this smart, green and integrated transport will finally minimize the impact on climate and environment, the efficiency in the use of natural resources will dramatically improve and the dependence on fossil fuels will radically decrease. And if this wasn’t enough this brand new electric vehicle will reconcile the needs of a growing mobility with those of thousands of drivers improving transport fluidity especially in urban areas.

As political, social and legislative pressure increases the car industry is more and more attentive of the risks linked to CO2 emissions and of the urgent need of finding a valiant durable solution. With its highly technological system the WEEVIL project, well aware that introducing more hybrid electric vehicles will significantly reduce the CO2 intensity of the road transport, found the way to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions respecting the acceptable limits set by the EU. But reducing emissions doesn’t simply mean to build sustainable vehicles, a green and eco-friendly economy comes also from a more a diligent and informed way of using natural resources.

Yes because an increasing resources scarcity means more and more energy and fuel shortage, a risk that nowadays may bring to the collapse not only of the mobility system but of the entire global economy. This is why this bold project is conceived to have a new engine that exploits not only new raw materials but also a brand new magnet-free electric motor that is energy efficient and cost-effective and that can meet the needs not only of European citizens but of an entire Planet and the future generations to come in a truly eco-friendly spirit.