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Elegant. Ecologic. Electric.

Weevil was awarded a price at 2018 European Startup Festival

Why Weevil is the ideal car-sharing solution


Car-like comfort


Bike-like easy parking


Low running cost – Low CO2 emission


Best fit to daily commuting
High adoptability to various infrastructural situations

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3 wheels configuration

PINCER (Parking Cross-distance Adapter ): a width adjustment mechanism that thanks to the “Y” shape, and the help of the lateral forces, will allow the vehicle to further reduce its size while transiting at low speed and parking.

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Parking adapt

Parking adapt

3-4 motocycles can be fit into the space occupied by one car.

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Composite structure

Composite structure

This innovative material, that is the main responsible for the safety and weight characteristics of the vehicle, has been developed with an excellent energy absorbing characteristics in crash events.

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When talking about design sometimes we think about something very beautiful, maybe with a very unusual shape, but that has no utility at all… Or worst it is useful and pretty but at the same time expensive too. Well WEEVIL is here to downplay some of the most old, and yet sometimes still current, myths on design.

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This incredible international amalgam headed by Fundación Tekniker counts on an amazing long-distance yet perfectly mixed and organized team made of great experts coming from different industries around Europe.

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RESOLVE final event

April, 12th 2018|

The RESOLVE project has the pleasure to invite you to join the Final Event, where main achievements of the three years project activities are shown. This will take place at Arsenal in Brussels on April, 25th, 2018.[...]

This Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 653926.